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To be clear about what we are NOT. We aren't wedding planners.
We are designers. Decor and Floral Design is our passion.
As designers, we have the unique ability to completely transform a space and create a cohesive, personal experience through collaboration and collective knowledge.


I didn’t always know that everything you experience in the past prepares you to be exactly where you are today. Which is why I shouldn’t be surprised that as a child I was recreating miniature sets from tv shows and movies in excruciating detail, cutting beautiful textiles from the pages of my mother’s Spiegel catalog and fashion magazines. I spent hours in my Nonna’s garden and kitchen intoxicated by the aromas she took tremendous pride creating. There is not one memory of my mother that isn’t tied to music and her love of dance and beauty. 


So it would sound odd if I told you that I would later go to school and earn a number of degrees in communication that focused on the science of relationships, right?


Like a lot of people, I was lost for years because I couldn't figure out how to put all the parts of my past together and align them to carve a path for the future. 


What I did know is that my curiosity knows no bounds and that my passion for learning is relentless, particularly my hunger for wanting to know how things work. Fast forward, I learned how to design clothes, I became an editor and published books for one of the world's most prestigious universities. I produced music and was a DJ while living in NYC. I planned and produced large-scale corporate events in Chicago. More recently, I was a Graphic Designer and Creative Director in Austin, Texas. But somehow, I still felt lost and unfulfilled. While my determination allowed me to be good at many things, I couldn't figure out how to be great at one thing. 


It wasn't until I finally figured out that everything I love has to do with design, and that all design is communication, that I was able to see the connection between my past and my future. The story, the message, the feeling, the connection. Figuring out how to reach people is about harnessing the power of the senses and mind to communicate. To connect. 


That is why I created Del Monaco Experiences. And this is what I was born to do. 

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